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Search Engine Optimization

/ Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

You want to look your best online.
We can help.

Improve your organic reach by ensuring your brand is found first in Google no matter the industry or the product. We will help you to increase your Google ranking with a Technical look into SEO. Weather you are just starting out or if your website is 20 years old, some SEO love really goes a long way in terms of driving results.

We'll optimize your Core Web Vitals to not only improve your organic rankings but your overall website performance in the process.

We are a group of advanced Technical SEO strategists that can help accelerate your traffic growth and organic rankings. Successful SEO Strategy and implementation has the added benefit of reducing the cost of your google ads. Our strategies don’t end purely at keyword research and backlinking, but also honing in on the state of your Core Web Vitals which really showcases where the more immediate attention is required. This includes technical improvements such as AI & Scripting, xml sitemaps, and response code analysis. We capitalize on these measures to help heighten the strategic element of your relationship with your agency and push us into the next generation of Search Engine Optimization.


Drive organic traffic to your website


Understand how to increase Video Reach organically


Improve on page content to improve rankings & drive sales


Become a Google Trusted brand



What our clients say

I have had the very good fortune to work with /Archive on many digital projects for some very high-profile clients. They are stars at their craft and one of the top digital agencies in Canada.

- Jeff Kew

Director, Global Marketing Operations at Magnitude Software, Inc

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