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Social Media Management

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You want to look your best online.
We can help.

Connect and inspire your target audience no matter their location. Social Media Marketing is more than posting on a regular schedule, let us explain why…

Done correctly, social media marketing can be a highly effective way to increase brand awareness, reach a wider pool of potential customers, and support sales targets. But how is it done correctly?

Our data-driven approach to your social media presence and campaigns gives us a deep understanding of your audience’s preferences and habits online — translating into the social strategy that increases traffic, engagement & customer retention for your brand. In addition to creating, publishing, and managing the content you post, our social media team has a clear vision for community engagement and Social Listening. Hearing the community’s voice and understanding their sentiments adds an extra layer of information to reach your marketing goals and is an important pillar of customer service — in and outside of Social Media.

How we can help

Increase your brand awareness


Boost brand engagement & build a community


Never miss a trend or mention through social listening



Active Social Customer Service to increase brand loyalty



What our clients say

I have had the very good fortune to work with /Archive on many digital projects for some very high-profile clients. They are stars at their craft and one of the top digital agencies in Canada.

- Jeff Kew

Director, Global Marketing Operations at Magnitude Software, Inc

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