All Inclusive Website Plan

All-Inclusive plan is a great starter package for growing businesses. Most businesses do not have time or cause to keep up with the everchanging technology landscape. As Moore’s law alludes to technology doubling in complexity every two years, it is more important than ever to rely on professionals in the digital space.

Why Choose This Service

The all-inclusive plan provides an easy onboarding process for businesses to start building a website. All core services are included under one roof and on-going support will guarantee our partnership.

  • UI/UX Designs
  • Optimized Cloud Hosting
  • On-going Technical Support
  • Technical Consultation
  • Scalable Website
  • Maintenance Membership

We specialize in the use of WordPress (~34% of the internet) in our website development process.

Our Work Benefits

Our team specialized in WordPress, which makes up roughly 34% of the internet. We are constantly innovating and improving our technology stack.

  • What is website size

    The website size is defined by the number of unique page layouts. We only choose from our selection of pre-vetted quality and mobile-optimized templates will be used as the foundation for your website build.

  • What is included in custom layout design?

    Each package comes with a number of included custom layout designs. More can be added at any time. Each page design iteration includes: Wireframe design (1 version, 1 revision) Mockup design (1 version, 1 revision)

  • What is included in multilingual?

    Multilingual setup, data entry What's extra (see additional services): Content writing and translation