All Inclusive Website Plan

An up-to-date and user-friendly website is critical for your business. With all core services under one roof and on-going support, an all inclusive website plan provides a straightforward process for you to start defining your online presence. 

Why Choose Archive

We understand that many businesses lack the capacity to keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is technology. We’ll take it upon ourselves to develop your website, utilizing the most current technologies and marketing trends. Specializing in WordPress, Cloud Hosting, UI/UX design, and much more, our team will build and maintain for your company an effective front-facing website.

Build and maintain a website worthy of the 21st Century

  • Create a scalable website that stimulates growth
  • Emphasize your brand & products
  • Optimize traffic and customer engagement
  • Receive on-going technical support from /Archive
  • What is website size

    The website size is defined by the number of unique page layouts. We only choose from our selection of pre-vetted quality and mobile-optimized templates will be used as the foundation for your website build.

  • What is included in custom layout design?

    Each package comes with a number of included custom layout designs. More can be added at any time. Each page design iteration includes: Wireframe design (1 version, 1 revision) Mockup design (1 version, 1 revision)

  • What is included in multilingual?

    Multilingual setup, data entry What's extra (see additional services): Content writing and translation