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/Archive Digital Acquires Ciao Marketing


In an effort to expand our services and offer new ways for our clients to break into the Chinese market, we’ve partnered up with some of the best in the business.

The team at CIAO Marketing consists of both Mainland Chinese and Chinese Canadians with extensive backgrounds in digital marketing, design and user acquisition. With Founders Omid and Ian at the helm, the company is uniquely qualified with deep cultural comprehension on both sides and proficiency with Chinese Social Media platforms. Ciao’s mission is to connect enterprise-level North American companies to Chinese-speaking customers in Canada and around the world through proven strategies as part of their ongoing digital marketing and user acquisition campaigns.

We’ve been waiting to expand into this category for quite some time,” said Nathaniel Payne, GM of /Archive. He added that “offering strategies within some of the largest Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, RED (also known as Xiaohongshu 小红书) and Weibo takes a complex and eloquent understanding of digital strategy, CRO and cultural fluency.”

/Archive and CIAO Marketing will leverage their new partnership to introduce their clients’ products and services to a massive and untapped market… for added fees of course. Working alongside other Chinese marketing agencies on collaborative client projects we’ve seen how successful these campaigns can be. After seeing the impact and exceeding campaign expectations, we knew we needed to bring this kind of expertise in-house.

Brands who understand the power of reaching Chinese communities by leveraging these tools through specialized strategies have seen massive results when it comes to new leads, customers and huge boosts in sales,” said John Morton, one of /Archive’s founders.

The team at CIAO Marketing follows their proven process called “6D”

  1. Discover
    • Understand and define the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP)
  2. Define
    • What platforms are best for your offerings and why?
  3. Design
    • Begin drafting localized campaigns with full translation and graphic design
  4. Develop
    • Identify and create extra materials needed for success (landing pages, etc)
  5. Deploy
    • Launch campaigns with supporting posts 2-3 times/week
  6. Deliver
    • Continue to monitor, adapt and optimize campaigns post-launch
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